The GLOBAL ITV Council discusses its terms of reference and technical issues regarding interoperability of existing standards


MADRID, A-CING – On May, 5th, the GLOBAL ITV Council held a new plenary meeting. More than 20 well-reputed advanced TV experts attended the meeting, via electronic means and via telephone.

Tomás Cid and André Barbosa jointly chaired this meeting as a consequence of having assumed their responsibilities as the European and Brazilian co-Chair, respectively. They both expressed their commitment with the Council activities, and further stated their commitment to find ways for future sustainability of the Council in the mid-term.

Three important documents were discussed via email and during the meeting:

-          GLOBAL ITV Council Terms of reference,

-          GLOBAL ITV Architecture,

-          GLOBAL ITV Standardization Plan,

These outputs, which will be finally endorsed by the Council after the comments period, represented an enormous progress and tangible outputs of the council, thanks to the contributions from the Global ITV project.

The topic that motivated more debate in this meeting was related to technologies: the architecture of the GLOBAL ITV platform. Thomas Owens shared his thoughts via email before the meeting, and Christian Keimel, Giuseppe Pascale, André Barbosa and Julián Seseña also took part on it – more details in the minutes of the meeting.

Finally, the work plan until the end of 2015 was presented.

More information regarding the Council activities can be found on GLOBAL ITV Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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