ClusMED Steering Committee meets in Madrid


ClusMED Steering Committee meets in Madrid to discuss about Reinforcement of ICT Regulations and ICTs for tackling Societal Challenges links in Europe and Mediterranean countries

MADRID, A-CING – Next January, 14th and 15th, ClusMED Steering Committee will meet in Madrid - Spain to hold a two-days summit, in order to present the results of the research done from the last meeting in June 2014, and also to coordinate efforts to achieve the committed goals for 2015. It will be the third ClusMED Steering Committee meeting, after successful kick-off meeting in Rome in January 2014 and the fruitful meeting in Casablanca in June 2014.


The ClusMED project is intended to contribute to international cooperation between EU and MED countries in the field of ICT Regulations in support of Societal Challenges. ClusMED aims at implementing cooperative research in the ICT sector through the identification, analysis and benchmarking of national ICT regulations, taking into consideration five target MED countries (Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco). The project focuses on the role of regulations as enablers of development in the ICT sector.  To this end, it will assess and compare the ICT regulatory frameworks currently operating in MED countries, with the aim of identifying and sharing best practices.


In the consortium there are partners from the mentioned Mediterranean countries (Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco) and from European countries as Italy, Belgium, Greece and Spain. Main stakeholders have some representation in the project: industry or large companies are represented by Digital Europe and A-CING, academia is represented by Sup’Com, USMBA and AOU, national clusters of companies by SEPE and MNC, public administrations by APRE and DGRSDT, and national associations by EITESAL and IJMA3.


The highlights of the meeting will be shared in Clusmed twitter: @ClusMed


ClusMED has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013, call FP7-ICT-2013-10) for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement n° 611187.